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I am Maria Arias, I was born in Venezuela with French and Spanish origins. Among other things I am a Chemical Engineer, a doctor in Chemistry, an artist and an animal lover. I live in Houten (Utrecht Area) in the Netherlands and I feel home in this open minded, lovely country.

10% of what I earn with my artworks is always donated to the rescue of animals. 

My paintings are mostly of animals or humans interacting with animals and with them I am promoting the love of animals, but also I strive to show the greatness of the animals and their importance in our lives on a physical and spiritual level.


I connect with the animals when I am painting, especially through the animal's eyes. I feel this pure love energy, which is amazing and therapeutic for me. I think that you can see part of this energy and its effect when you look at my work.


In the past 2 years I have sold more than 50 paintings including several commission works (custom made orders). Feel free to contact me.

You can order a painting from my gallery or order a commissions (custom made work)

Contact me for any question.




 Look also into my cat project website, sometimes there are cool projects.

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