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I am Maria Arias, artist and animal lover. I feel blessed to use my paintings, dedication and love to promote animal rights and animal love. A % is always donated to a good animal related cause. The materials I use are Acrylic, Oil, pastels and Colored Pencil . It is possible to order commission works, some paintings are for sales, look into my Artwork.

Contact me for any question.

 Look also into my cat project website, sometimes there are cool projects.

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AUCTION:  Open event until July 31st!

Amazing paintings inspired by Venezuelan rescues are being auctioned to help save their lives! Enter your bid and win through

 Drawings are framed, I am covering the frame and the shipping cost, so the total amount collected with the drawing will be donated to the charity mentioned under it.

Please help! This is just a beginning! Our dog & cat shelters need hope and support more than ever!


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