My artworks series are:

  1. The cat project: Cat portraits. I love to paint cats because of their eyes but also the feeling of relaxation and being cool I feel when I paint them. I connect with them and I become addict and enchanted to paint them...
  2. Commission work: Pet portraits cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, wild adopted animals.
  3. Animal bright future, which are artworks about wild animals meditating about their experiences, marked by the human impact. I use them to rise awareness and to promote animal rights.
  4. Immigration series of paintings are paintings inspired in a world where animals are happy, while we are not representing a big menace for them anymore, a world with a new conscience, where we can live in harmony.
  5. Love interaction are boms of love, in which the most unconditional love between animals as well as human animals is expressed.

I find boring to paint only one series of paintings and my paintings are related to me and I am not feeling the same way everyday...I am not like anyone else and I don't want to be like anyone else but myself!.

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