Commission work


Commission work

Custom made portraits are one of my specialties. There are many reasons why you should order a portrait of your pet, see more on my article: "12 Reasons To Order A Portrait Of Your Pet"

The portrait can be done in acrylic, pastel or colored pencil, I need a good picture where I can see the eyes (or eye) of the animal and to be able to zoom in and to see details, so the picture shall be a good resolution picture.


Prices since Feb 2017: I do a limited amount of commissions per year, please contact me before. 

Do you want a painting, I will do my best to adapt to you, but you have to be realistic that a very detailed work will be more expensive that a more impressionistic. I love to make people happy so tell me what you want and how much you can pay the minimum prices are listed below. It will also depend how good is your picture and how many animals are in the painting.

  • Acrylic paintings  in canva board 20x20 cm unframed from 60 to 100 euros (sending cost max. 20 euros) 
  • Acrylic paintings  in canva 30x40 and 40x40 cm ready to hang  From 80 to 350 (sending cost max. 25 euros) 
  •  Acrylic painting in canva 50x50 and 40x50 cm ready to hang  from 100 euros to 500 (sending costs max. 30 euros)
  • Acrylic painting in canva 60x60 cm or bigger to be discussed.
  • Drawings in colored pencil or pastel to be discussed (from 50 euros)
    Prices are excluding sending costs


    How to order a pet portrait:

    Contact me or

    Send me a good picture and we decide together which media and dimensions are more appropriated, during the making of the portrait I keep you updated with pictures or videos of the progress. 

    There is normally a waiting list, but I will keep you informed.

    I will ask you for feedback 2 times during the detailing phase, after that there are not more changes. The payment is done before the painting is sent, you can pay via paypal, bank account or cash.


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