For many different reasons we are forced or motivated to leave our country.
A mixture of feeling invade us, fear, excitement, nostalgia, anger, desolation, hope.
During the adventure of finding a new home, we also discover ourselves.
We are so far from our traditions and culture that we can finally think from our heart.
There is a moment when we finally find our home.
A new home, better than the one we left behind.
In my paintings the animals have traveled a long way and their wish is to find a better home. I really love to use art to bring conscience about the impact we have on these animals lives, most of the animals have been moved from their homelands, we are growing and with the industrialization endanger them by destroying their habitat. I am not again progress, I am myself an engineer, but we need to educate more and to have a mind set focus on the preservation and recycling.

Make the right choices everyday!, Dear to dream!, Be the best you!


Elephants in Crystal River

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