Love interaction

Growing up with animals provided me with the most pure and unconditional love. Every painting is a boom of love energy that you are bringing into your home/office.

We get what we give

I cannot but love animals with all my heart

In name of that deep love, I have made each painting

Remember: Our enemy is not from another religion, country or planet, it is the hate! That is our enemy…So let’s fight it with LOVE! every time things go back/wrong in politics someone worst seems to approach in order to profit of the bad moment. Most people follow due to social resentment, don't fall into, the most important no matter how bad a politician could be is to have your freedom, to have someone that will listen and them use that freedom to change things around you!

You have the power to change things is on you, so try to make changes starting by your own home, street, town, city and them it will spray due to the collective conscience. Kindness is contagious so start the kindness spray NOW! 


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