Ruth the Rescued Cow
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This auction has been sold to Fleur at €100.00 .

Pastel drawing in Pastelmat 18×24 cm

The drawing will be shipped with a protective frame and a white passepartout.

The money collected will be donated to CAS International (Sending costs will be deducted from the benefits).

Ruth was born on a farm where fighting bulls and cows are bred. (Source from

Ruth was very lucky. In case she would have grown up in the bullfighting sector, she probably would have died during a bullfight. In the becerradas very young cows and bulls of 1 to 2 years old are killed. She could also have been used for ‘tientas’, where her ‘bravery’ was tested. In the bullring several tests are carried out. For example, the stabbing of the cow by a rider on horse back to see how she reacts.

Normally, only 10% of these cows are approved, the rest is brought to the slaughterhouse or is sold. In case the farm needs to grow, then 50% of the cows will be approved. Their destiny is to breed. The cows with the lower results will only raise bulls, all the females are directly brought to the slaughterhouse.

Thanks to the sanctuary near Madrid, Ruth now lives in freedom. By adopting Ruth you can contribute to a better life for her. At the same time you support our work to end bullfighting.