Animals Bright Future

Animal Bright Future Paintings

Paintings to rise awareness while to promote animal love and animal rights: The first layer is made with acrylic painting and most of all the details are added with oil cobra which are water based oil paintings. Most of the paintings are inspired of pictures I took, they are related to an animal abuse issue as a way to protest.  

I started by big cats but I will also make paintings with other animals. The animals look sad when I start painting, with the progress they start looking different, I feel peace, I see a transformation and there is not knowledge in my possession to explain what occur, but it is a positive change and at the end the animal face in the painting change and I feel an incredibly peace. I hope it is really transferred to the specie.

Freedom for the Lioness

Up to 7,000 lions are living behind bars in South Africa (

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Respect for the Panther

Habitat loss and deterioration is threatening the survival of black panthers.Human beings are the biggest threat to the survival of black panthers. 

Inspired in Spirit

Justice for the Lions

Thousands of lions are being bred on farms to be shot by trophy-hunters 🙁

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Peace for the Lioness

Lion cubs are bred and taken from their mothers typically within a month of birth to supply the growing lion tourism industry, mostly located in Southern Africa. Tourists handle the cubs for hours and pose with them for photos. They are also often told to hit the cubs if they display aggressive or unwelcome behaviour. (

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You can buy this beautiful painting at the shop


Despite their power and size, the human has achieved to destroy their habitat and hunted them down, captured to be shown in zoos and circus.

The big cats of the paintings are digesting about how vulnerable they are while looking at the past, represented in black and white, At the background is the jungle that didn’t protect them …Nostalgic about their freedom and interaction with the nature.

Most of these animals are now save and some of them are really enjoying the peace, but most of them can never be free again.

While painting I notice a change in the expression of the Cat, when I start not intentionally the animal looks sad, while painting I transfer love, I talk to him/her and litter by litter the expression start changing into a more peaceful face. I wish somehow this is also happening, that all the love I send to them is transmitted to their species. When that point is reached, I know that my work is done. They are helping others by creating awareness about some sad realities. These paintings will remain you that in live we need to fight! for our freedom, for justice, for respect, for dignity but the peace of achieving those will make the whole process worthy, because it is not a fight against the world, it is a fight against our own ghosts who are the ones keeping us down. Enjoy the present moment!


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Maria Arias

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