I feel angry and I really need to understand why some people choose to live a life full of ignorance!

Have you ever felt that you are the only one that cares? That everybody prefer to close their eyes and you feel responsible to act?...I do and I can classify people behaviors in 5 category, sometimes I feel moving from category 1 to 3.


There are so many different behaviors among the people:

(1) The HEROES…Some people are really my heroes. They devote their lives to the animal cause and that is a cause without free days or holidays.

(2) The Oh good that the others do…They know about everything happening in the world and it seems that they care…but only during a conversation, because they never give a penny or share anything related…most of them because they are afraid that others will be annoyed and they will be NOT COOL!

(3) The Cowards…an example that directly touched me, was in France 11 years ago. I was living in Lyon and walking back home, I got hit in the street just like that and for no reason, by a crazy guy. People leaving the metro saw me on the floor bleeding, they did nothing! They looked at me in the eyes and walked away…The only scars I have from that day was the indifference of the people.

(4) The Opportunists…This is the part of population disgusts me. Those that know but don’t care because it is not affecting them…like most of the opportunists in my country (Venezuela) who are filling their pockets while animals and people have no medicine, no food and no security.

(5) The Sick…those are the ones sick…nothing to do about it, jail or treatment for them.

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Me: Every time I share some information or want to talk to you about something happening in my country or related to an animal or in the world in general. You prefer not to look at it or not to know, why?

- Not that I don’t want to look at it, is just that…I prefer not to.

Me: Hahaha, that is not the same?

-The other way around would be: why would I want to look at it?

Me: Well when there is awareness about something happening I do believe that people can ALWAYS do SOMETHING.

Imagine the word if all the crimes and bad practice where never discovered?

-I feel that it is not my responsibility to do that, and I have better use of my time to do other things.

Me: Ok and what if everybody thinks like you? Because a lot of people do it!

-If it is valid

Me: What means it is valid?

-A lot of people don’t have better use of their time, I am sure

Me: So you think that people that devote their lives and time to help others do it because they have a lot of free time?

-No, it is just because they found that more important than anything else.

Me: So for you it is more important to have your work done and if there is something else that can wait.

-I give my attention to something  I am really passionate at and not to what my neighbor or someone else tell me I should be sad about.

So that is mainly the reason you have to do what you have to do.

Me: If you see that something is happening in front of you would you ignore it also? Or would you try to do something?

-What are you talking about?

Me: For example if you see someone mistreating an animal or a person in front of you?

-Yes you have the obligation to do it, because you are there an you are the only person that can do it, but it is a different story if you are far away and you are not the only one. You have an immediate responsibility if you are in that position.



My conclusion:

I want to stop feeling responsible and I cannot help all the causes, people and animals, so before having a  burn out… I do limit my actions and God knows I feel sometimes guilty about that.

My question to you is what do you do? What type or person are you? Did I miss a category?

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We need to find an equilibrium but we also need to take actions and to do something. Raising awareness is a very important tool! Without it, we will be miserable!


Maria Arias