During an exhibition in 2007 at the Gallery Codex Nicaragüa, A man pretending to be an artist presented a "work" that made me wake up and decide that actions shall be taken from now on to help animals. In a gallery, he exposed a stray malnourished and scary dog to the visitors, the dog was part of his art and on the wall it was written with dog food "You are what you read." This crazy and sadic man left the dog starving and dehydrated to probe the indifference of people.
This is the moment to use art to do the opposite! http://www.actiezwerfhonden.nl/ is a Dutch charity organization devoted to help the animals in Turkey. Right now there is an Auction to help the stray dogs and cats from Turkey.
It feels so right to use something so sensitive as Art to help these innocent animals. I cannot imagine any better reason to make Art. I have donated 3 of my paintings and I want them to find a home!. So please share the link!
Please be part of the change! Share this link and if you can buy an artwork, do it.

Girl with dog painting
sea turtle painting
Boscat painting

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sea turtle painting