My name is Maria Arias, I was born in Venezuela, and I started painting at eight years old. Because of my school’s rigid schedule, I stopped painting at the age of 12. I followed engineering studies and graduated in 2003. The next year, I moved to France, running away from my country’s chaos and leaving everything behind. I arrived in France with nothing, not even the knowledge of the French language. I finished doing my master’s degree and got a Ph.D. in chemistry.

In 2007, I moved to the Netherlands, where I could finally feel at home again. I work four days as a Chemical Engineer and almost three days as an artist.

I started painting again in 2016. Furthermore, I started with an introductory acrylic course at After that, I learned by myself for a while. I took several workshops and masterclasses with several artists. My favorite teacher is Marissa Oosterlee.

As an animal defender

During an exhibition in 2007 at the Gallery Codex Nicaragüa, a man pretending to be an artist presented a “work” that made me wake up. After I needed to do more to help animals. In a gallery, he exposed a stray malnourished, and scary dog to the visitors. The dog was part of his art, and on the wall, it was written with dog food “You are what you read.” This crazy and sadic man left the dog starving and dehydrated to probe the indifference of people. I couldn’t believe it! At that moment, I start some campaigns to help animals. One of my drives was Due to some bad experiences, I was forced to take distances for my health, I  keep helping via some Dutch foundations. For each painting sold a 10% goes for an animal sanctuary or shelter. Sometimes a painting is donated, and 100% goes to the animal foundation.


As an artist

I never stop being an artist; only I wasn’t painting all the time. I always joined creative events like theater at school, university. I love making videos or posters to help animals get adopted.
Moving from one country to another requires some time to adjust. My work absorbed me, and I sometimes closed my eyes to all the other things in life.
My cat Kriska (My black and white cat) got sick with breast cancer. Then, I start reading about animal communication and begin doing some healing on her. Her behavior changed so much (she was a tiger before), so we had the best moments together at that time. After that, I continued growing a bit more spiritually, and with Toby, our new cat, I was so inspired to create. It isn’t easy to mark a starting point. But I am sure Toby’s arrival removed the blockage I had about painting. Unfortunately, Toby has Nasal Cancer. I know this since October 2021. It took me one month to be able to talk about it. He is doing ok, and we are fighting this!
But I now understand how important it is to have your pet’s paintings, as I have seven artworks inspired by him. It helps me to compensate for the immense frustration and anger. It helps me know a part of him is immortalized and will be forever having a place at home.


About my style:

” You are extremely recognizable, due to the use of bold and confident strokes as well as a strong yet natural use of color and textures, making your artwork highly unique, distinguished from any other artist out there. “ – Marissa Oosterlee.

I love painting with different materials and switching from using the airbrush, the brushes, or the pencils. I like to make my paintings because I have more freedom. That freedom allows my creativity to grow. But I also love doing commission works. Custom-made works are so rewarding!. It is a profound moment, full of emotions and impregnated with love. It is priceless and unforgettable.

My Message

I want all the animals to be treated like kings or at least with respect. I believe animals have so much to teach us.

Animals are so much more than we can ever imagine!!! Believe they are much more than you think, and you will open the door to the most fulfilling love experience.