“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

― Marilyn Monroe

To start with, this article is not a statistical study. It is something I wrote to trigger your curiosity the same way it triggered mine. I couldn’t stop wondering about the fact that I didn’t study art at university or paint for all those years and whether this will be a handicap for me to have a career as an artist.
On the Internet, I read that many children start showing some artistic ability at the age of 3. At this age they start developing fine-motor skills and expressing some of their ideas and feelings through art, even though they may just look like scrawls to adults. By eight years of age, kids start making more realistic drawings. At this age, children start showing enjoyment for the creation of art, whether they have innate talent or not.
Personally, I started making amazing paintings when I was 8 years old, but at the age of 12 I stopped my painting class in order to focus on my studies. In my last year of high school I joined a theater group and I took it quite serious. I was terrible at the beginning, but when the time of the show arrived I improved so much that I had the leading role. I loved it! But I remember the look on my parents’ faces, they were a bit worry that I was getting too interested in theater. “It is okay Mom and Dad, I am going to be an engineer”
I wouldn’t change my life for anything! I am happy being a chemical engineer and sharing my life with a lovely man and a boisterous cat. I would not have all this, if my life had not taken the direction it took. Nevertheless, I would like to be a painter and with practice I am becoming a good one.
I would just like say that if you are a grown up person and you think it is too late…it’s not! It is never too late to be the person that you want to be! Stop fooling yourself and do what you need to do to become your best self!

I would like to convince you by showing some numbers. I asked 22 artists about their experience. The artists were from different countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, UK and Venezuela. I learned that 45% of them started expressing their love for art before reaching the age of 10. Half of them studied art at college or university and the other half was self-taught. Surprising 14% start showing interest in painting between the ages of 31 - 40 years old, even though they weren’t interested when they were kids. One person started taking his/her artistic career seriously when he/she was 64 years old. In these cases it is obvious that the support of their parents would have been nice to have, but not mandatory. Several artists studied art without having their parents’ support, however 38% of the 22 artists were supported by their parents and family.

All of them are amazing artists. I will add some of their websites in the comments section.

Nobody should judge the decisions of a parent, because hopefully they did what they thought was best for their child. Obviously their decisions were influenced by their fears and their past experiences. Their outlook on life was also dependent on the opportunities they saw and the economic situation. Sometimes circumstances allow us to dream, other times they force us to wake up and face reality in a very hard way.

In my personal opinion, we need teach kids the rewards of hard work. Please do your best not to transfer your fears and insecurities to your kids. We need to believe that we are invincible and that we are worthy of happily living the dream. More importantly teach them to not give up!

To finish I would like to share an amazing video. ->

Websites of some amazing artists:
‎Edward Corpus http://emcanimator.com/
Kim McBriarty Dettmer http://www.kimdettmer.com/
Lynn Goldstein http://www.lynngoldstein.com/
Deborah O'Toole http://deborahotooletextileartist.com/
Jessica Marie Jess http://www.popartpuppydogs.com/
Divinity MS Chan http://www.divinitychan.com/
Elizabeth Welle http://elizabethwelles.com/
Fred Smith http://smittyswatercolors.com/
Deborah Thornberry https://deborahthornberry.com/
Bill Snowman http://www.scribblings-n-stuff.com/
Honey Lea Gaydos http://www.honeyleagaydos.com/art-talk
Linda Newberry http://www.lcnewberryart.com/
Arlene Holtz http://www.arleneholtz.com/home#.WAepKuB97IU
Laura Davies http://www.lauradaviesart.co.uk/
Dorothe le Blanc http://dorothealeblanc.ca/

Steff Booth http://www.steffboothabstracts.com/

Now some real statistic :

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