If you are one of the many people who have been thinking about learning how to paint, but don’t know where to start, this online course is for you!

Whether you always wanted to paint or you are trying to find a new hobby, painting lessons are always an excellent choice. If you’re a beginner, there is no better time to learn than now!.

I am working with a limited number of materials, so you don’t need to spend a lot to start. Painting is very relaxing, and it can change your life in just one day, but you need to trust the process.

What do I mean by that?

Each painting has an ugly stage, that is part of the process. It is not a mistake, it is a path you need to cross to achieve a final beautiful result.

A painting becomes part of you when you devote your energy and time to that process. If you realize this and accept these steps, it also helps you to deal with many other things in life.

Painting can burst your confidence, you learn what dedication and discipline can do for you. It helps you to discover your potential and to know that you can do probably almost everything you want, you just need to focus.

You will become more appreciative of each beauty you will encounter, of each color, each cloud, and appreciate the things you didn’t appreciate before, for example, the light but also the shadows, the sun but also the rain, a beautiful smile, but also the beauty of tears. It suddenly changes the way you perceive life.

When I paint, I am able to relax and get rid of any worry or stress. It changes my mood like magic, and it helps me to enjoy the present moment.

Are you ready for this? Yes, you can!

Enroll here!

This course of 2h and 40 minutes will guide you to learn some basics about color mixing, two different ways to tackle a drawing, and how to start building the painting from the underpainting, layers of colors to the final details. It is made for beginners and no beginners. In the course, I tried to describe my intentions and what I am doing without me talking the whole time, so you can also relax and get in the zone. My advice is that you look at the video while sitting on the sofa without the intention to paint, and then you watch it a second or third time and paint with me.

You will get full support via my student’s private Facebook group. Please join the Facebook group that will be in the introduction section of the course, there is also material to download (A list of materials, a reference picture, and a grid).

  • Step-by-step painting and drawing lessons, broke into several videos, including color mixing and some theory.
  • The videos are available 24/7, and you can paint from home.
  • You paint at your pace, you can rewatch the lessons as often as you like.
  • And relaxing music to listen to while you paint.

The world can use more happy people, I hope to make my contribution by helping you discover the wellbeing that painting will offer to you.

What do I want in exchange? I want your honest feedback and if possible a review. I also want to see happy people everywhere :).

Hello! And Welcome!  My name is Maria Arias and I have been painting since I was 8. I love painting, but you know what I love the most? Animals. But painting animals is a bit more complicated, so I will start building lessons for beginners where you’re learning first how to paint objects, flowers and slowly switching into animals for a more advanced level. I had great teachers and I hope I can be as good as them and help you developed your painting skills. I am as excited as you are!

For more information, or questions, email me at maria@poweredbyartwork.com