Here the 4 steps to order a portrait!

  1. Email me at,  the pictures of the beautiful animal or several pictures and I can help you to decide. Please add an extra story and the animal’s name, and ages. Include the dimensions of the painting, see the options below, if you want a painting with other dimensions contact me, and we can discuss it. I will contact you ASAP with one or more proposals for materials and prices.  After we have a short interview, we agree on the work to be done and the price.
  2. A deposit of 25% of the artwork price is required before starting the artwork, and the rest will be paid before sending the artwork. 
  3. You will receive various pictures showing the progress, and you can give me feedback. Any additional change deviating from our initial agreement can lead to extra costs.
  4. Sending costs will be added: Free shipping for the Netherlands, Worldwide €25 or more depending on the size,-.(You will receive a track and trace code once the artwork is sent). This is not included in the price mentioned below, so it will be added.
  5. Time: Normally a painting can take 40h, but I can only paint a few hours per week, so it will take 2 to 6 months to be made, depending on the size. Shipping takes from 3 days to 2,5 weeks depending on your location.

For more information, or questions, email me at