A Nice Encounter (Reserved)

A Nice encounter

50×40 cm Oil painting,

Photo reference Danielle Winter



A Nice encounter

50×40 cm Oil painting, photo reference Danielle Winter

It has been hard to stop working on this painting. I love adding small details to it. Having the excuse to improve the painting means more time with it, looking at it in detail. It is such a beautiful image, and I feel so identified with the tenderness of this encounter. I will jump on each cat I see and become a kid again.

I hope each child will be allowed to love animals, as this is taught first at home. Animals are so important in a child’s life. They learn to be: patient, responsible, to share, and they are great listeners. As kids, we know about the beauty, joy, and harshness of life from animals. Moreover, there is a high chance that a kid who learns to respect animals will treat people the same way.