50×40 cm
Oil on Claybord
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50×40 cm
Oil on Claybord
In the garden of love, Afrodita’s presence thrives, where red, white, and pink roses bloom in harmonious ties. Like pigeons in the sky, love knows no bounds, weaving through nature’s tapestry, where beauty abounds.

The painting portrays Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire, in a scene rich with symbolism and allure. She stands at the center of the composition, radiating an aura of irresistible charm and sensuality.

Aphrodite’s luscious cinnamon-colored skin exudes warmth and vitality, accentuating her ethereal beauty. Her long, flowing locks are adorned with delicate roses, symbolizing love and passion. The vibrant hues of the roses contrast beautifully with the richness of her complexion, enhancing her divine presence.

Draped in garments seemingly woven from nature itself, Aphrodite appears adorned with leaves, flowers, and tendrils, embodying her close connection to the natural world. Her attire flows gracefully around her, evoking a sense of organic elegance and timeless beauty.

Surrounding Aphrodite are gentle pigeons, their soft coos adding to the tranquil atmosphere of the scene. These birds, often associated with love and peace, further emphasize the goddess’s divine attributes and her role as a harbinger of romantic bliss.

The artwork invites viewers to immerse themselves in the enchanting realm of the goddess of love.