Black Panther


Price € 165,- Excl. frame (worldwide)
Price € 322,- Incl. frame with museum glass (only for the Netherlands – contact me)

Pastel on pastel mat
30 x 24 cm
Reference photo thanks to Katerina Vulcova 

Framing or shipment prices to be added.



Beautiful pastel drawing on pastel mat. The drawing is 24 x 30 cm. You can contact me to purchase this artwork with a nice frame and museum glass.

The drawing can be shipped worldwide, but it will be transported within a different frame with Plexiglas 30×40 cm and passepartout. For other framing options please feel free to contact me. 

The panther is a wild and solitary animal. They live most in Asia and Africa.

The black panther is the smallest panther and one of the most beautiful animals on earth. They are unfortunately only 25000 panthers in the wild.