A Cub (Een Welp)


Price € 361,-Excl. frame (worldwide)
Price € 633,-Incl. frame with museum glass (only for the Netherlands – contact me)

Pastel on pastel mat
70 x 50 cm
Reference photo thanks to  Jeff Rodgers



Pastel drawing on colourfix pastel mat 50 x 70 cm. 
The drawing can be shipped worldwide, when shipped is sent unframed to keep a reasonable sending cost. 
The drawing will be  protected with foamboard and pergamin paper. 

Canned hunting happens in many places in the world. For example, in the United States and in Africa.
Lionesses become a kind of laying batteries where they regularly produce cubs. These cubs are quickly taken away from the mother so that the lioness quickly gets in heat again and is therefore ready to mate again. With new cubs as a result.
There is an insatiable demand for cubs by tourists.
All tourists who are interested in petting the cubs support the Canned hunting industry.