Fox (Fidge’s Serenity)


50×70 cm

Acrylic on claybord

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eThis fox painting is perfect for animal lovers. It features a cute little fox with bright beautiful eyes and stunning orange fur. He’s sitting on a log, pondering the day ahead of him, content in his world where he can be himself without any worry or care. The colors used in this acrylic painting are rich and vibrant. This painting is made with acrylic ink with an airbrush, colored pencils among many other materials.
Fidge with his brothers was orphaned at a young age. The locals began feeding them. The problem of feeding wild animals is that become dependent upon that support, but I think they also couldn’t survive alone at that young age.
The locals failed to contact an organization to relocate them to safe places. To get the food, they need to cross the roads and approach cars. I was heartbroken when I hear that this beautiful creature passed away after he was hit by a car.
It makes me think about the impact we have on nature. Some people mention we shouldn’t intervene with nature and let the natural order “evolution of the strongest”. I cannot accept that, we interfere enough in their life to make them bad enough. We take their habitat, their food, we pollute, we use cars, and let’s not forget the monsters that go hunting. Something to think about. What are we going to do to help them? I hope Fidge will inspire you to help others that can still be saved.

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