50 x 70 cm

Pastel on pastel mat

Reference photo thanks to Carlos Cram

The pastel painting will be shipped without a frame.

It is possible to add a frame with museum glass, for that contact me, and we can arrange a price.



Gorgeous pastel drawing of a gorilla on pastel mat 50 x 70 cm. 

The drawing can be shipped worldwide when shipped is sent unframed to keep a reasonable sending cost. The drawing will be protected with foam board and pergamin paper.

Gorillas share 95-99% of people’s DNA. They are now classified as critically endangered and run the risk of being lost forever. According to the latest estimates, 367,000 gorillas live in the wild.

If you want to help them, please recycle your phone! And do not buy a new one every year!…Coltan is one of the raw materials used for the manufacture of capacitors in mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, etc. 80% of the coltan reserves in the world can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The extraction of coltan also causes an ecological disaster. Large parts of the African rainforest are being cut for this, often illegal, mining. (gorillastichting.nl) 

It is called Mindfulness because of the peaceful state of mind transferred by this drawing.