Mon amour


Acrylic ink with an airbrush on Clayboard

26×30 cm 


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2 Years ago, I got a commission work from a Friend who lived in South Africa for several years. She wanted a lion with lines and many colors! not realistic colors but more fluorescent colors. The painting was for her baby girl’s room. That experience was very positive for me. I loved the freedom to use any bright color independent of the real color of the lion; it was refreshing and releasing. Therefore, I decided to make a series of paintings similar, but with a more realistic look.

The lion used in this painting is Bruno. I adore him. He lives in a big cat sanctuary in South Africa, Foundation Lion, I was planning to visit him during 2020, but due to the Corona, my vacation plans were over.



2 Jaar geleden kreeg ik een commissie werk door een vriendin die in Zuid Afrika heeft gewoond. Zij wilde een leeuw maar meer abstract met veel kleuren voor haar dokters kamer.

Wij hebben een beetje samen gebrainstormd, en haar schilderij was in een andere stijl dan die ik normaal gebruik maar heel mooi.