Rooster Attitude


50×40 cm

Acrylic on Claybord


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Rooster Attitude
50×40 cm acrylic op Clayboard
Beautiful models and photo reference from Chantal’s chickens

I love this painting, there is no 1 single day it doesn’t make me smile. This painting helped me greatly when my cat Toby got missing for some minutes. I got rid of the stress I carried after that while painting it.

I wanted to focus on the Roosters and on the biggest one. The surrounding greenery is a key feature of the painting, with different shades and textures used to create depth and contrast.

Overall, this painting captures the beauty, energy, and playfulness of the roosters, as well as the lush and vibrant natural surroundings.

It is made with acrylic ink, using an Iwata airbrush, brushes, acrylic paint, colored pencils, fixative, and a great varnish Gamvar.


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