Toby (Personal collection)

Toby portrait 2020
Acrylic paint on Claybord
30×40 cm
The reference photo was taken by me.


I start using an airbrush and acrylic ink to create an underpainting. After that, I create textures using different tools; once the fur is created, I start adjusting the colors.
Because I don’t have full control of the airbrush, I use brushes, very tiny ones with glazing medium, and acrylic painting.
Then I switch to pencils and switch from one technique to another until I got the result I wanted.
I screwed it up many times, but you need to trust yourself and keep going. I sometimes believe there are not really mistakes. It is just the way to reach your gold.
Toby is my cat, and I like to make an artwork of him every year, when possible. I feel that he knows it, and he loves it, when I paint, there is a high energy, is healing, is full of love, is pure and good. My cat becomes even sweeter with me when I am working on a portrait of him, I do believe somehow is also time with him, that we are connected, and he is being pampered with each stroke of paint.