Tree 1


30×40 cm

Acrylic Painting on claybord

Delivery with second hand frame

Tree from Kooikersplas Houten

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Animals are by far my favorite subject to paint; I get so much energy from painting them. It is a transformation process with each painting. From the moment I sit until I stop for the day, it is my mission in life, and I know it.

Whether I begin with low energy while painting, I feel like an invisible hand is calming me, it takes layers of heavy dust from me, the dust of negativity, and stress.

Besides painting animals, I started to paint trees. Yes, I am a tree hugger. I love to investigate all the nature that lives in it. Last autumn, I was at the lake behind our house, taking pictures of my favorite tree there. Some people came to me asking, “What do you see? Is there a bird? And owl?” But that tree is gorgeous enough to be in a photo alone. And more people should see it!

I will be painting several pictures of my favorite trees. Don’t worry; I won’t stop painting animals. Enjoy below the work in progress video from my YouTube Channel.