True Love

Acrylic on canvas
50 x 70 cm
Reference photo thanks to Maria Arias 
Models from Stichting Leeuw

Sending costs to be added




Gorgeous acrylic painting on canvas, this painting is used as inspiration for a duo piano concert by 2 lovely kids. The concert will be the 24th March in the Theatre of Houten.
To know more about this initiative: was born in a circus and the Czech Republic and when he was a few months old, he was bought by someone who wanted to protect him from a life in the circus. 
Young lioness Ayla, was the perfect candidate to share a life with Aslan. Both still young and playful. Slowly we have the two get used to each other. Ayla was born at Stichting Leeuw.
Perhaps there will also be a future in beautiful South Africa for these two boys! (