What are the best reasons to have a portrait of your pet? I made a list of 12 reasons.

1. You are promoting animal love, you are showing how important your pet is to you and are a good example for others.

2. Art is a process of love and healing and you are bringing that energy into your life and into your animal companion.

3. Order a portrait when your Pet is a baby, it will be a great memory of that special time.

4. Your precious animal companion will know you did something special for him/her.

5. A Pet painting is a good decoration for the house or office.

6. Every Diva, Angel, King or Princess Pet deserves to be honored and recognized.

7. A painting is will last longer than a picture.

8. You are supporting art.

9. It is a good investment. Worth more!

10. You have something beautiful to look at, besides your pet and yourself. Enjoy!

11. It is a tribute to them after they have passed away and to remember them forever. A Goodbye gift.

12. Just because you CAN!

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